Using Advanced Analytics to Support Remote Operations

“This presentation was put on by OSISoft and features our CEO Heather Quale helping lead this webinar on how to make “operational intelligence” readily accessible to all users by leveraging PI Asset Framework (PI AF)”


Best Practices in Supporting Front Line HPI Operations Remotely in Response to Covid-19

“To ensure employee safety, HPI companies had to quickly pivot to a remote support model with many subject matter experts (SMEs) and engineering staff working remotely supporting front line, sequestered critical operations and field operators.”

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2019 Esri Canada User Conference

“Discover how Canadian organizations are implementing GIS that takes mapping and analytics to the next level, by integrating data from many sources including traditional systems of record, real-time sensor networks and mobile devices to dynamically analyze and transform data into actionable information.Join us and learn how an intelligent nervous system rooted in GIS and geospatial infrastructure can unlock the full potential of your data.”

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2019 Esri Canada Energy Symposium

“You will hear from thought leaders and discover how Esri Canada’s ArcGIS platform enables collection and management of a wide range of data across all areas of your business. Whether it’s where to drill a well, route a pipeline, build a refinery or reclaim a site, GIS can be used to make better decisions.”

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Petroleum Systems Engineering Week 2018 introduces high school and university students to a future in petroleum engineering

“There are so many opportunities when you have an engineering degree,” said Quale. “You can take your degree and go wherever you want to go. If you love doing what you’re doing, you’ll find great opportunities. We need petroleum products now and we will need them into the foreseeable future.

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2018 – PI World – San Francisco – Industrial IT

The PI System – Leveraging the IT/OT Relationship to Identify Optimization Opportunities

“Companies are beginning to see operational data as an asset. However, operational data comes from multiple control systems, IoT solutions and manual entry. Data rates vary from sub-second to monthly values. There are few standards to label the data points or provide context. Access all available operational data points can be a daunting challenge. PI Asset Framework (AF) has changed that.”

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Webinar: IT/OT Best Practices – Faster Enterprise Deployment of the PI System

“It is no exaggeration to say that data will be the most valuable resource for most companies in the future. Continuing to operate separately not only slows the adoption of solutions based on technologies that fall outside of operations’ comfort zone, but also exposes companies to fault or security risks that could significantly impact production. That is why we must adapt quickly to stay smart in such a rapidly changing environment.”

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Regional Seminar – Vancouver & Calgary: Leveraging Operational Data to Support Business Decisions

In 2014, PotashCorp decided that it was important to transform our approach to decision making by integrating real time information to our business processes to make more timely and informed decisions. PotashCorp has used the PI System for many years and in 2014 began to implement PI Asset Framework. We analyzed our data and determined for that users to take full advantage of information across all assets efficiently, we needed to implement standards. We have integrated key data from other business systems to make required data readily available to the user community. Based on proven results, we are now implementing this approach across the organization.