7 Steps to Bring Operations Data to Your Enterprise

“Deploying software across the enterprise is easy. Making sure it works and delivers value… that’s another story. Mera Group has implemented PI Systems for industry leaders in oil and gas, pipelines and mining organizations. The deployments vary from small site solutions with hundreds of tags to complex enterprise PI Systems with millions of tags. Over 17 years, Mera has developed a proven process to transition clients to an enterprise PI System. In this white paper, Heather Quale, President of Mera Group, shares their seven-step process for successful enterprise deployments.”

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Best Practices for Operationalizing Data-Driven Decisions Across the Enterprise

“Organizations in all industries are awakening to the value that operational data can bring to the enterprise. Combining operational data with other business information allows organizations to make data-driven decisions that optimize performance. However, different people use the same data in very different contexts and need information in a format that they can easily consume. And that’s where the PI System comes in…”

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